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How to rank article on google: Increase the CTR in the Seeps,Use the “skyscraper technique”

BySandeep Patel

Sep 11, 2022

Increase the CTR in the Serps
Google search results with higher CTRs are pushed higher in SERP. But how do you make sure that your blog post will get a high CTR?

Try creating features
Featured extracts are selected search results which are also the organic results of Google under the announcements in a box.


To target featured extracts, you can make compilations of all kinds, such as the best tools, the best hotels or the best restaurants to organize a New Year’s party. Here, you can find other usable ways to win star extracts.

Utilize Keywords for article ranking in google

Come a catchy title
Pimal your titles with emotional adjectives. In addition, the figures in the titles attract a lot of attention.

Here are some useful resources:
100+ Title models from the blog article that attract attention
200+ Awesome blog title models for powerful titles
10. Optimize the URL
A short and descriptive URL is beneficial for SEO.


Compare these two URLs:

Search Engine Optimization – Learn to Optimize for SEO

Obviously, the second URL helps Google to analyze the page faster. As the second URL has no subfolders, it is clear that its content concerns SEO. Thus, URLs rich in short and keys can give you many competitive advantages.

11. Use the “skyscraper technique”
The good old skyscraper technique is a brilliant way to bring together more links and stimulate the performance of your blog.

In a word, it means finding trendy and efficient items, transforming it into more detailed and attractive content, and reaching out to the people concerned for awareness.

Here’s how the technique helped Brian Dean increase his 110% research traffic in 14 days.

12. Outreach
The publication of high quality content is only half of your SEO journey. The next step is to reach the people concerned to promote your articles and win backlinks. The two most effective means of awareness are:


Find niche subjects (and relevant keywords) What type of article would you be more

1) to the companies mentioned in your content
Have you referenced a blog post by another company? Give them a cry and ask them to share your article with their audience.

Here is what we usually do:

Hi Wyzowl team 🙂

I just published a full article on the first 21 trends in digital marketing for 2018 and I told you about almost at the very beginning. Your statistics on video content were super precious for my room! Thank you for creating such research and content. I would love you can check it and share it with your audience.


We were happy to complete our article with the guide. Thus, it was beneficial for both parties: we enriched our article with precious and relevant content and they acquired a backlink.

How to rank article on google :Create buying characters, Publish a long content

Try this strategy and see for yourself.


Pro advice:

If you receive a request like the one above, you can still take advantage of it. Just ask to share your article on social networks since you add their link. This is exactly what we asked.


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