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Hiccups In transit to ‘Target 350’ for 2024, Amit Shah Cautions Clergymen

BySandeep Patel

Sep 8, 2022

Hiccups in transit to “ target 350 ” for 2024, Amit Shah warns ecclesiastics

The BJP ministers who did not carry out tasks allocated on the bases for 2024 elections received a severe warning from the Party JP Nadda party leader and the chief strategist Amit Shah during a brainstorming session on Tuesday. Sources have old that ministers who had not visited the parliamentary districts assigned to them for the compulsory revenue were informed by Mr. Shah.

“We are there because of the organization. The government is there because of the organization. The organization should be preferred,” said the ministers, said sources.

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“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular. Anyone can win on the name of PM Modi. But if there is no organization on the field, we will not be able to take advantage of it,” said the sources.

The BJP set a target of 350 seats for 2024 and began to plan 20 months before the elections. The party focuses particularly on the 144 constituencies which it did not gain by narrow margins in 2019. The plan is to win at least 70 of these 144 seats, sources said.


“We have to win more seats than the last time … In 2019, we won 30% of the lost seats in 2014 … In 2024, we have to win 50% of the lost seats in 2019,” said sources cited Amit Shah says.

The BJP had won 303 of the 543 seats in Lok Sabha in 2019 – the first time in decades, a party obtained the majority. But more than 100 seats were won by the opposition, the congress of which obtained the maximum – 53 seats.

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The 144 constituencies were distributed among the ministers, who were invited to visit regularly and collect exhaustive information.

The ministers were invited to discover the status of the well -being regimes implemented – central or state – and even the number of beneficiaries. The information had to be downloaded from a web portal called “SARAL”. The ministers were invited to regularly visit the assigned constituencies, sources said. They were also told to distribute their time between the government and the work of the parties.

“The basis of the solid organization plus Modi charism will be the winning formula for 2024,” said the sources cited.

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