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Vicharodaya News Network is an initiative toward Digital Generalism. Through this, you get all the information about the country and the world, sports, politics, entertainment, science, technology, and government schemes on the platform. Sandeep Kumar Patel is the director of Vicharodaya News Network, he has completed a B.Sc Electronic Media, MBA Media Business Management degree from Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal, one of the highest educational institutions in journalism in the country.

Vicharodaya News Network works in the direction of information-educating-entertainment { Inform-Educate-Entertainment} to the general public by giving news, and information in Hindi and English languages ​​through a digital medium, keeping in mind the journalistic, social, and government limits….

Vicharodaya News Network on digital and social media…

Vicharodaya News Network provides information through written movies and photos on more than 16 digital platforms of digital and social media. Vicharodaya News Network aims to provide information from credible sources while investigating the misinformation shown by digital and social media.