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Uorfi Javed’s OOTD Vs Uorfi Javed’s Chai. The Winner Is…

BySandeep Patel

May 12, 2023

Uorfi Javed's OOTD Vs Uorfi Javed's Chai. The Winner Is...

Uorfi shared this image. (courtesy: urf7i )

Uorfi Javed is known for her over-the-top fashion outings. Be it the dramatic cut-out pattern outfits or making a dress out of baas ki tokri (bamboo strings), Uorfi never fails to make a statement. In her latest update on Instagram, the Bigg Boss OTT fame shared her love for tea. The clip opens to Uorfi, who is sitting inside a car with a cup of tea. Sounds normal? Well, it is everything but normal. She is wearing a dress that has a net shield. First, Urofi tries to drink tea through the shield. But it didn’t help. After multiple failed attempts, Urofi finally manages to take a sip. The caption was all things relatable. She wrote, “When chai is more important.” 

Before this Uorfi Javed wore a dress “designed with the patterns of the Rorschach inkblot” for an event. But it was her  3d inkblot headpiece that stole all the limelight. Uorfi also shared a video in which she is struggling to step out of the car because of the headpiece. Along with the pictures and video, she wrote, “What an amazing night and this amazing dress  Confidence @amitaggarwalofficial on your new store! You’re simply the best! Swipe to see the new ‘class’ cast member and the inspiration behind the dress.”


Uorfi Javed also got a shout-out from Kareena Kapoor for her “gutsy” fashion choices. Speaking to Zoom, Kareena said, “I am not as gutsy as Uorfi Javed but I feel it’s extremely brave and extremely gutsy.” She continued, “Fashion is all about expression and freedom of speech. I think that the confidence with which she pulls it off, I think she looks really cool and amazing.”

Talking about Uorfi Javed’s confidence, Kareena Kapoor added, “The fact that she does exactly as she wants, that’s what fashion is all about – when you are comfortable in your skin and do exactly as you please. I just love the confidence. I am a confident girl so I am all for confidence. I just love her confidence and the way she walks. Hats off.”

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