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Time Covers Featuring Bollywood Actors Over The Years. The Internet Picks A Favourite

BySandeep Patel

May 11, 2023

Time Covers Featuring Bollywood Actors Over The Years. The Internet Picks A Favourite

A throwback of Parveen Babi on the cover of Time. (courtesy: BollyBlindsNGossip)

New Delhi:

Deepika Padukone is making headlines thanks to her appearance on the cover of the iconic TIME Magazine. The actress’ interview and photos are already earning her praise. Given that it is a big moment for Bollywood, several fans also went down memory lane and revisited the previous covers of the magazine that feature Bollywood stars. A Reddit page dedicated to Bollywood has shared the covers in questions. The first appearance of a Bollywood star on the TIME cover was by Parveen Babi nearly 50 years ago in 1976 as per the post. This is followed by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in 2003, Shah Rukh Khan in 2004, Aamir Khan in 2012 as well as 2013, Priyanka Chopra in 2016 and now, Deepika Padukone in 2023. The post has been shared with the caption, “Bollywood actors and actresses on the cover of TIME Magazine throughout the years,” elicited a bunch of responses from the users. 

Replying to the post, one user said, “The mothers are mothering! Parveen [Babi] was a pioneer.” Another user said, “So Parveen [Babi] was the first one to appear? She probably was a very big name back then. Also, Deepika is going places. So happy for her.”

Referring to SRK’s cover, another comment reads: “Same, SRK is channelling peak Mohan Bhargav from Swades energy in that picture.” About Aamir Khan, a user wrote: “Aamir has an interesting face.”

Check out the post here:

BW Actors & Actresses on the Cover of Time Magazine Throughout the Years
by u/dalandkhichdi in BollyBlindsNGossip

Meanwhile, in Deepika Padukone’s profile by TIME Magazine, the actor has spoken about her professional and personal journey in the industry over the years. In her interview, Deepika Padukone also referred to her husband, actor Ranveer Singh’s continued support. Speaking about the shelf life of actresses being impacted by marriage and children, Deepika said, “I’ve never had that experience because [Ranveer Singh] has always put me, my dreams, and my ambitions first.”

In the same interview, Deepika Padukone also shared her thoughts about relationships today and the need for every couple to accept that their journey will be unique. In a video shared by TIME Magazine, she says, “Having said that, I think not just my parents but that entire generation, I think patience is probably one of the main things that I feel like couples today — I sound like some love guru [laughs] — but I feel like there’s a lack of patience and I think that that’s something that we can all learn from, not just Ranveer and I from our parents but I think more couples like us can learn from the generation before us. Lots of other things but patience is the number one.”

On the work front, Deepika Padukone will be seen Jawan and Fighter.

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